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    Recent News
Wednesday October 1, 2014
Buckeye Diesel Blast Results - FYI!
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all of the competitors for putting on a great show for the crowd and the crew at MCIR in LaRue OH! Beautiful weather made the event fun for the people who brought their trucks to watch the competitors in the year end blowout for DIESEL Motorsports!

Monday August 18, 2014
NADM Staff

Industrial Injection's Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout RESULTS
A beautiful weekend in SLC for a two day event with lots of competitive trucks with a NEW Word record set by Jarid Vollmer with his Bullydog truck in the Unlimited Heads up Drag racing class!

Wednesday August 6, 2014
DIESEL Thunder Spokane WA Results
NADM Staff

DIESEL Thunder
Spokane Raceway
August 2nd 2014
DIESEL Motorsports
1st time in the NW part of the country with lots of requests to come here and sanction a diesel event, so we did it last weekend with a great turnout of trucks wanting to compete. It reminded me of the old days of just starting out with a group of diesel friends who wanted to place faces with names and talk over the industry.

Monday July 21, 2014
RESULTS - East Coast Diesel Nationals
NADM Staff


Friday June 27, 2014
EFILive Powertour Indiana 2014
NADM Staff

EFILive Diesel Motorsports Powertour 2014

Monday June 23, 2014
Haisley Machine Thunder in Muncie Results 2014
NADM Staff

Haisleys Machine Thunder in Muncie
What started out as a rainy week ended in a beautiful Friday with just a brief shower and a unbelievable Saturday with cool breezes and lots of diesel trucks rolling into the event. Great crowd at the drag race and even a greater crowd at the sled pull with a inch lineup of trucks.

Thursday April 10, 2014
EFILive Sponsor Powertour
NADM Staff

Who doesn't love meeting up with other enthusiasts on their way to some of the biggest diesel motor sports events scheduled? EFILive is pleased to announce sponsorship of the DIESEL Motorsports Powertour events for 2014.

Tuesday March 25, 2014
AEM Electronics NEW Sponsor with 50 State Legal Water Injection System
NADM Staff

Water Injection is one of the best and least expensive ways to increase the power of your diesel engine. Turbo diesel engines see a significant jump in power and a drop in EGTs when running water injection - and diesels do this without the need for more tuning.

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