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    Recent News
Friday October 13, 2017
Heartland Park Winners - October!
NADM Staff

This make-up date was a pleasure to attend and host for a couple of diesel classes along with the O'Reilly All Brands race and car sow held at Topeka's Heartland Park. The winners for the race were ET Bracket - Alex Hefner, Champion and Pro Stock Class - Matt Kubik, Champion. This race was a follow up to the MO Truck Shootout that got rained out on September 16th.

Tuesday September 5, 2017
Buckeye Diesel Blast Results - FYI
NADM Staff

Buckeye Diesel Blast Report! Dragway 42 is a fantastic facility for our diesel trucks with a great surface and plenty of parking for trucks and trailers. Bad weather all around us and a cool cloudy day dampened many from coming out for the day but the ground was dry and DIESEL Motorsports decided to let the trucks run on this great track. A number of vendors and local shops were there representing the diesel sport such as BD Diesel, South Bend Clutch, Redline Diesel, Firepunk Diesel, G&R Diesel, Reusch Diesel, and Hot Shot Additives! DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all of those who made the day a fun diesel event with some great trucks. The winners are listed below:

Monday August 7, 2017
NY Truck Shootout Results! FYI
NADM Staff

NY Truck Shootout - DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank The Diesel Shop for sponsoring the NY Truck Shootout and the Empire Dragway staff for a great day of diesel truck racing! The event was delayed more than once by a few scattered showers in the morning but cleared in the afternoon and evening with blue skies. Mothers Show-N-Shine had some really nice trucks and are listed below along with the winners of the drag races. All photos will be posted today under DM's Facebook page under photos!

Wednesday July 19, 2017
ECDN 17 Results & Winners!
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank everyone who came out on a beautiful Saturday at the Numidia Dragway for the East Coast Diesel Nationals! A large group of DIESEL enthusiasts and competitors put on a fantastic show! The winners are listed below, more info and photos will soon be posted!

Monday June 19, 2017
Haisley Thunder in Muncie Report
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all the Muncie Dragway staff for a great night of racing plus the DM crew headed by Rodney Wehr! Had perfect weather with a cool evening, had a few broke trucks but some great racing! Winners are listed below along with Saturday's winners in the Mothers Show-N-Shine and Revolution Dyno competition! Unfortunately the 10% chance of rain turned into 100% and washed the track out for the pulling! Thank you to all of our sponsors for the support and South Bend Clutch for some fun giveaways during the event along with Joe Gibbs Driven Oil for the winners Friday, plus Kleinn Air Horns to the Best of Show N Shine and Mahle for gaskets!

Friday May 12, 2017
NDS 17 in the Books!
NADM Staff

Thank you everyone involved for a great Nebraska Diesel Show 17 this year including the NDS group, Kearney Raceway Park, DM workers and everyone who moved their schedule ahead one week! What a difference one week made with 80 degree and sunny sky weekend. This all made possible by our sport loyal sponsors who many of you found out about them at our sponsor's tent. The winners are listed below:
Drag Racing
UnLimited - Heads-up
1st Ethan Kammer
2nd - Dan Lee
ET Bracket
1st - Jesse Nelson
2nd- Kelle Simmons
Sled Pulling
3.0 Class
Jenna Lempka 366
Jess Hardessen 357
AJ Eilert 342
Bryan Banghart 333
Brent Jareck 322
2.5/2.6 Class
Tony Gonzalez 319
Jonathan Hege 316
Andy Bokelman 335
Zack Larson 329
Riley Guthrie 312
R Guthrie 306
Brook Hufman 248
John Schmidt 223
Burnout Contest
Kyle Leaf
Dyno Winners
High HP overall/Cummins
Leta Lucero
High Duramax
Trevor Lansik
High Ford
Griffin Wisner
GM: Heath Whitman
Ford: Brittany Tucker
Dodge: Luke Winkle
Semi: Kory Brennan
Semi light show: Kory Brennan

Wednesday May 3, 2017
DM endorses SEMA Board selections!
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports picks for the SEMA Board vote coming next week! These people are familiar with our diesel market and can help it grow within the industry!

Tuesday April 25, 2017
Kleinn is a sponsor
NADM Staff

Kleinn Air Horns has signed as the Official Air Horn sponsor for the 2017 season. If you own a big truck then you will want that big train horn sound for your truck. Kleinn Air Horns has the best air horn systems in the country. Located and assembled in the US these horns are easy to install and you will be heard once they are on your truck!

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